1. 1. The process of ensuring that the person is who they claim to be.
  2. 2. A security measure that requires users to prove who they are by providing something they possess.
  3. 4. A common attack that involves guessing a user's password through repeated attempts.
  4. 7. A secret key used to encrypt and decrypt messages.
  5. 9. The entity responsible for issuing digital certificates.
  6. 11. The practice of continually verifying a user's identity based on their behavior.
  7. 13. A digital file issued by a Certificate Authority, confirming a website's identity.
  8. 16. Authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications with one login.


  1. 3. A method of authentication that involves scanning an individual's unique physical feature.
  2. 5. Unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems.
  3. 6. An authentication method that uses physical characteristics for identification.
  4. 8. An encrypted communication channel between a client and a server.
  5. 10. A one-time, short-lived code for user verification.
  6. 12. A measure used to confirm the validity of a digital certificate.
  7. 14. An authentication system developed by MIT, using symmetric key cryptography.
  8. 15. A security method that requires multiple parties to authenticate a transaction.